City tax

The municipality of Imperia has decided that starting from June 2019 the tourist tax will be applied to the guests of the accommodation facilities.

The amount is currently still to be defined but should be 1.5 euros per day. For more information, refer to the website of the municipality of Imperia.

As soon as we know more we will put this information on the site.

Good day from the staff of Villa Lazzarini

The pool will soon open again

How nice to see the open pool. These temperatures are the ones I love, not too hot, not too cool.

The water temperature is still not suitable for swimming, I speak Italian, foreigners see that they swim without problems. But I still wait until June before diving.

Organize the holiday that you struggle

The great thing about going on vacation is to organize your days and find out what’s most interesting in the area. Trying the best restaurants or the typical breweries also helps to spend a good vacation this makes that place talk about it.

Gigi and Carla have prepared for their guests a guide that will be received by guests after booking and which helps tourists choose what to see. Continue reading “Organize the holiday that you struggle”

New jobs to make more and more ……

miglioriamo villa lazzarini per voi

The photos of the site are deliberately not up to date

We are making improvements that you will surely appreciate when you arrive.

What are you waiting for?

I am looking forward to comments and will only be very positive.

Hi Gigi & Carla