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Tomorrow and tomorrow’s grand finale for the feast of St. Giovanni

Villa Lazzarini Imperia Holidays house

The June 24th even if it does not officially remain the most important festival for our city.

I was born in Porto Maurizio, but i live in Oneglia from many years , as well as in Oneglia you can find Villa Lazzarini.  ( read history of Imperia for undestand  why i’ve written this)

The June 24th night is the best day because  the magnificent fireworks will illuminate the sky and sea of our city.

Organize the holiday that you struggle

The great thing about going on vacation is to organize your days and find out what’s most interesting in the area. Trying the best restaurants or the typical breweries also helps to spend a good vacation this makes that place talk about it.

Gigi and Carla have prepared for their guests a guide that will be received by guests after booking and which helps tourists choose what to see. Continue reading “Organize the holiday that you struggle”

New jobs to make more and more ……

miglioriamo villa lazzarini per voi

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