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The summer is over but the mild climate of Imperia allows you to continue enjoying a nice weather even in the other months.

The mild temperatures still allow you to bathe at sea and in our pool.

The sea is now cleaner and it is easier to find places to park.

With Villa Lazzarini you can fly

Vola con villa lazzarini holiday houses

Villa Lazzarini contacted the nearby Albenga heliport.

Our guests can enjoy our panorama from above.

Admiring our shores and our beauties from above has no price.

Flights from a more pilot or three passengers plus the 30-minute pilot.


More and more green

villa lazzarini holiday houses

We have already said that we are particularly careful about the environment.

Our electrical current comes from a company that uses only clean energy.

Today we have decided to do more and within one month we will install other photovoltaic panels to produce even more green energy autonomously.

Did you know that …..

What image is this?

orco feglino - villa lazzarini holidays house

When driving along the motorway in the direction of Imperia you arrive at Orco Feglino.

Not everyone knows that the name comes from the shape of the slider that seems to portray the sleeping orc. Make us the next time you go.

Good trip to Villa Lazzarini, the destination of your next vacation.